A counter proposition and denotes a direct contrast to the original proposition. In showing the opposite an individual brings out a contrast.....

Almost any working photographer whatever they are photographing (whether the photography is food, fashion or car) is expected by the client to make the subject matter roaringly fresh.  A very young and almost unrealistically prepared aesthetic that verges on plastic is desired.  This is especially so with food photography.  The pursuit of youth over character.

Anything, anyone at this stage hasn't had time to develop the intricate nuance and interest brought about by age and wrought by experience.

I have an ongoing regard for the textures, beauty and character of age.

The series One Rose is the antithesis of the nubile image.

One Rose latest iteration of Antithesis, a broad scope of work started in 2001.


Ian Batchelor. Quoted in f11 Magazine Issue 13. August 2012

All Photographs ©Ian Batchelor