These images are a part of a series concerning "rot", or more precisely the beauty of rot. A large part of my work as a food photographer involves using the youngest and freshest produce. For clients everything has to be perfect. Ultimately, the danger is that this perfection may lead to a "plastic" look. Increasingly, however, I find that it is the minor flaws and imperfections that add character and appetite appeal and attract and hold the attention of the viewer for longer.

My series on rot takes this to an extreme. As the produce dries out, it goes through many stages and takes on new and varied textures. Some items, like onions, go through a rebirth and sprout beautifully green in contrast to the red wrinkled bulb.

Ian Batchelor 2001.Quoted in

Rangefinder Magazine. A USA photography magazine in which this was the cover article.


All Photographs ©Ian Batchelor